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Mosquito Control

  1. The Mosquito Control Team is looking for volunteers. If you live in a single-family home in the City of McKinney, we would like to use your property for our mosquito control surveillance. The process is easy; you need to take no action other than allow staff to set up and retrieve a mosquito trap from your yard.
  2. Here are some FAQ’s on the process:
      • Mosquito traps are typically set out on Monday afternoons and picked up on Tuesday Mornings (weather permitting).
      • The traps are designed to attract and keep alive adult mosquitoes. They will not eliminate mosquitoes in your area.
      • We trap and send viable mosquito samples to the lab for testing.

    Please be advised, the attractant used on the mosquitoes is pretty pungent, so you may notice a slight odor when you are outdoors on the evening we set the trap.

    Mosquitoes are a potential health risk to residents. Trapping and testing of live mosquitoes allow staff to take action on infected mosquitoes before they can transmit diseases to humans.

    If you would like to assist our Team out by allowing access to your property for one evening, we would greatly appreciate it.
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